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5 hours untill my deadline! HELP!!!

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I just need to know one thing. I imported the video to flash and chose the option 'video is already on a web server'when playing a video like this how is it possible to perform an action, such as goto the next frame or any thing once that video hasfinished playing..PLEASE help if you know this.**EDIT: I just tried this code i found:vid1.addEventListener("complete", endOfVid); import mx.video.*;function endOfVid(eventObject:Object):Void {this._parent.gotoAndStop("2");};vid1.addEventListener("complete", endOfVid); vid1 is the instance of a movieclip with the FLVplayback insidethe mx.video throws me offim using flash cs3 (actionscript 2.0)

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well it's good to know this isn't the place to come with a flash question if you are on a deadline :)good news is I figured out a way I can do it.just using setInterval when it starts and clearing the interval / performing the action when it hits the time i set.

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