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howdy i like these forums, but as a few people have said they are pretty dead, and the people that do come on them probably think that they could do with a little spicing up... i dont mean flashing disco lights, it should be simplistic, professional, but attractive. many forums use the default skin for stuff, and to be honest its a good skin but pretty bland.came up with a couple of suggestions for the forums:1. new skin... blues and white makes a good contrast and makes a good interface, but i think the skin could be improved a lot, or a new skin would be even better. making the forums looks attractive would increase the chances of people sticking to them, and coming back to them each time they have a problem.2. on each post where it shows their profile i think it could do with showing what programming languages each member uses the most, or what they specialize in e.t.c. i think this would be a great improvement to the forums, as it gives the person asking the question a bit of a guide of what people around here are capable of. 3. an introductions forum... these are on most forums nowadays n they seem to work a treat. in the welcome email sent to new members you put a link to the intro forum n say post there with ur real name, age, and a few details about yourself, great way to let the members get to know each other and to keep people interested here.just a few suggestions for tha place but i think they would work well :)

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