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Well, I'm starting a new site, and using CSS... Anyways, I got a problem.The whole content is going to be in this box. I got the box done. My problem is getting corners. I made 8 different images (top, topleft, topright, left, right, bottom, bottomleft,and bottomright), and I need help to place them in the right position, or just to put them there. I can't find a way to simple post an image.Thanx in advanced.

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You need to surround the box with 8 divs, and apply a different image to each one, with the appropriate background-position. You can use markup like

<div id="main-wrapper"><div><div><div><div><div><div><div>Content</div></div></div></div></div></div></div></div>

and selectors like

#main-wrapper#main-wrapper > div#main-wrapper > div > div

etc.to match each div appropriately, but know that this doesn't work in IE6 and earlier. If you want to keep IE6 compatible, you also need to place a class for every inner div as well (bad, bad, bad... I know).

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