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OK, I am still pretty new to CSS and all so I am still learning. Here is what I need help with.I will try to discribe but I will include a link to the page at the bottom.I have a page that has a DIV #container where I have another div within it (#contentMain) that will scroll if there is enough content in the layer or if the browser is shrunk enough. I want the site to scale depending on browser resolution or size but I can not get the #contentMain to scale from the size of the #container and not the page size. (the div #contentMain clears past the #content div) I also would like to keep a 20px margin space from the bottom of the #contentMain and the bottom of the #container layer. Probably does not make sense so here is a link.http://home.earthlink.net/~kevinvan/tests/mpa/board.htmAny help would be great thanks.Kevin

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