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Querying words instead of phrases

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Hi, My website's search function looks up entire phrases instead of individual words. For example, if I query "Google Groups," I would like my search to come up with everything in my database that has the words "Google" and "Groups," not just the phrase "Google Groups." I would want my search to bring back "Google-tastic Search" or "Group Compu-Google." Right now it only brings back "Google Groups #1," "Google Group #2," etc. I'm at a loss at how to begin implementing this change. Any suggestions/scripts? I'm working with ASP files, Javascript and HTML. My database is managed with SQL. Thanks in advance for any help. tyv

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Break up the search phrase on spaces and search for each individual word. In Javascript you break up a string using string.split.

words = phrase.split(" ");

Then you would build the beginning of the SQL query and loop through the array of words using OR to add each word to the query.

sql = "SELECT * FROM table WHERE ";where = "";for (i = 0; i < words.length; i++){  if (where != "")	where += " OR ";  where += "field LIKE '%" + words[i] + "%'";}sql += where;

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