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I have been teaching myself html/css/javascript over the last 3 months, and this is the product to date: :)Visit My WebsiteThere are still a few issues to be ironed out, and the front page appearance could be improved, but it will be a never-ending project...The main issues I am aware of to date are the google ads displaying at the bottom of the page rather than on the right of the page on some computers (let me know if you do/do not get this problem so I can see how widespread it is), and that in firefox, the div at the bottom of the page displaying the 'important' text appears to blocked the hyperlinks above it for some reason(?). I am still to figure this out. Let me know your thoughts and ideas on layout/content/script/colourscheme etcThanksSkivvia

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For someone that's only working with html, css and javascript for 3 month, this is some very nice work!You used divs for your page structure. Not the greatest site I've seen but it works (things are where they should be). Some things I think could be fixed/changed: remove frames (they cause problem more than anything), your body background is making the text a bit hard to read. Seems like this is a site about your 4wd truck maybe have the banner be your truck doing something 4wd (going over rock, mountain, jumping lol...). Make the navigation a bit more complex than just text with white background. Left navigation is great, it's clear and colours are nice.

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