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Assign scrollbar to multiple dynamic textbox


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HiI created multiple textfields dynamically using action script and assigned scrollbar to each of them,that too dynamically.But the problem is that scrollbar is visible to only the last text field.Other textfields can be scrolled through mouse scroll button.How can i make visible all scroll bars?my code is given below

var comment='testing';for(var i=0;i<3;i++){comment=comment+i;var dynamicText="dynamicText"+i;var dScrollbar="dScrollbar"+1;this.createTextField(dynamicText, i, x,y, 200, 50);y=y+40;this[dynamicText].wordWrap = true;textFormat = new TextFormat();textFormat = this[dynamicText].getTextFormat();textFormat.color = 0xCC3366;textFormat.size = 24;this[dynamicText].setNewTextFormat(textFormat);//this.getNextHighestDepth()//dynamicText.TextFormat(size=16);this.createClassObject(mx.controls.UIScrollBar,dSc rollbar,20);this[dScrollbar].setStyle(haloOrange);// Set the target text field for the scroll bar.this[dScrollbar].setScrollTarget(this[dynamicText]);this[dScrollbar].setSize(i, this[dynamicText]._height);// Move it next to the text field.this[dScrollbar].move(this[dynamicText]._x + this[dynamicText]._width, this[dynamicText]._y);//trace(this[dScrollbar]._targetInstanceName);this[dScrollbar].setScrollTarget(this[dynamicText]);this[dynamicText].text = comment;}

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Try to give the scrollbar a variable name.

dScrollbar = this.createClassObject(mx.controls.UIScrollBar,dSc rollbar,20)

and then instead of useing this[dScrollbar]. just call the scrollbar by dScrollbar.

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