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There is another topic on this issue, but the rules say i cant hijack so i'm starting another topic.i'm making a photo gallery. this is whats suposed to happen: when you hover over the image thumbnail, the image gets transparent and a box pops up that says "click to view image". this what actually happens: in IE7: the image does not go transparent. the box pops up, but is also not transparent. and the image desciption shifts down, affecting all the images below it.in FF: the image goes transparent,and the transparent box pops up. but the description still shifts down screwing up all the other images.heres the divs:

	<div class='m-wrap'>		<div class='m-img'>			<a href='images/no-pic.jpg' target='new window' ><img src='images/no-pic.jpg' /></a>			<div class='popup'><b>click to view image</b></div>		</div>		<div class='m-descript'>			No description available.		</div>	</div>

heres the css:

div.m-wrap {	display:block;	text-align:center;	float:left;	margin:10px;	padding:0px;}div.m-wrap div.m-img {	display:inline;	padding:0px;	height:154px;	width:154px;	border:1px solid #0000ff;}div.m-wrap div.m-img img {	text-align:center;	height:150px;	width:150px;	padding:0px;	margin:0px;	border:2px solid #dedede;}div.m-wrap div.m-img:hover {	filter:alpha(opacity=50);	opacity:0.5;	background:#dedede;}div.m-wrap div.m-img img:hover {	border:2px solid #000000;}div.m-wrap div.m-img div.popup {	background: #ffffff;	border: 1px solid #000000;	filter:alpha(opacity=75);	opacity:0.75;	display:none;	position:relative;	z-index:5;	left:0px;	top:-100px;}div.m-wrap div.m-img:hover div.popup {	display:block;}div.m-wrap div.m-descript {	text-align:center;	font: 10px arial;	position:relative;	display:block;}

Heres the code in action:http://www.e3studentMinistries.orggo to the media tab, then photos or graphics tab.

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sorry, i was working on it at that time. its fixed now. you have to click the enter link or just go here:http://www.e3studentministries.org/home.phpEdit: if you can find a way to get it to work, thats fine, but i just removed the description and the popup box. it works fine with out all that.

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