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Image management issues

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I am learning CSS as fast as I can to reformat my web pages, but the constant issue is - pictiures. I have a lot of them on the site and plan to add more. I cannot figure out how to use CSS to control them, there is no IMG tag. When I wrap them in a DIV, I still can't get things controlled, probably not doing something right, but I can't see what.Can someone point me to a 'standard' style that will let me set the detail I need - border, border width, border-color, hspace, vspace, align etc. would be the minimum, I'd also like to he able to reliably set position, but that is also an absolute vs. relative issue I am not yet ready to tackle (unless there is no other CSS solution.) ideally, I want to set everything that I could in a typical IMG tag.An example of why I need this would be on http://www.thesoundsmith.com/private/ham21.htm and the subsequent pges. This is a scanned booklet from the 1950s that each page has a 2px border, but it is not appearing. The main CSS doc is http://www.thesoundsmith.com/private/csstop.css, I don't believe that is where the problem originates, but ???Thanks.

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Specificlly, for your page, add this to the bottom of your CSS file:

img { border:2px solid black; }

Would work for all images, though, which might be a problem... you decide...

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