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Z-index Problem

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I am struggling with some layers and their order as I have some drop down menus (Z-index 3) that work fine on Safari, EI on the MAC and IE on the PC but not on Netscape for PC or Mozilla for MAC. A scrolling layer that I have at a lower level (Z-index 1) will not allow the curser to select the drop down menus. The drop down under About works fine as the other layer does not go over that far, but the ones under Membership and Calendar get "covered: by the other layer and makes the links unable to be selected.This used to work fine, but somewhere something got screwed up and I have moved things around so much now trying to figure out what was going on that I have no idea where I started at. I am still pretty new to CSS and layers so any help would be great. Thanks in advance.I am thinking it may be a nesting issue and now that I have screwed with it, I am confussed as to what goes where.http://home.earthlink.net/~kevinvan/tests/mpa/membership.htmKevin

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