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Dear people.I am trying to make a website for a friend of mine which is a photographer. First of I started making it in plain xhtml, but I ran into some problems. She wanted the pictures to be 500px high (and the viewable frame about 700-1000px wide), and wanted it to be a horizontalscrolling-gallery (with some funky customized bar). I can show you the example:http://teitunge.frac.dk/music.htmlAs you can see (if you are using firefox), I tried to use a customized horizontal scrollbar, but of course this was not 100% compatible with Safari and IE - that makes me think Flash..I have been searching google for three hours without finding a decent tutorial. I really need one with the scrollbar, not automatic scrolling when the mousepointer hits the edge.If anyone knows how I can get started with this, or have a link to some good tutorials I would be deeply grateful!Thanks in advance,Jonas

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Hi again.I tried to follow a tutorial which is for a custom vertical scroller, and made the scroller itself work - but it isnt moving the image I want to display.The scene is 1000(w)x510(h) and I use AS2.0:

var scrollUpper:Number = 0;var scrollLower:Number = 850;var textUpper:Number = 0;var textLower:Number = -2940;var scrollRange:Number = scrollLower - scrollUpper;var textRange:Number = scrollLower - scrollUpper;function scroll() {	var moved:Number = scroller_mc.x - scrollUpper;	var pctMoved:Number = moved/scrollRange;	var textMove:Number = pctMoved*textRange;	text_mc.y = textLower - textMove;}scroller_mc.onPress = function() {this.startDrag(false,scrollUpper,this._y,scrollLower,this._y);this.onMouseMove = scroll;}scroller_mc.onRelease = scroller_mc.onReleaseOutside = function() {this.stopDrag();this.onMouseMove = null;}

The picture I have put into the scene is 3941x500 and I have converted it into a mC called text_mc (just to follow along with the tutorial). Out from this information, could anyone tell me why the picture isnt following my scroller? Thanks again.

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