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.menu vs. #menu


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#menu targets a single element with an ID called "element".eg.

<div id="menu">...</div>

.menu targets one or more elements with a class called "element".eg.

<div class="menu">...</div><div class="menu">...</div>

Use a class when you expect to use the same style for more than one element. Use an ID if you need to target exactly one particular element on the page.

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I use id for semantic reasons. And class for anything that might repeat.For example:

<div id="header"></div><div id="navigation">   <div class="menu"></div>   <div class="menu"></div>   <div class="menu"></div></div><div id="content">   <div class="box"></div>   <div class="box"></div>   <div class="box"></div></div><div id="footer"></div>

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