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Justsomeguy, i pretty much agree with what youre saying. That`s something that is very obvious, dont you think?Having a portfolio will give you the advantage over a person with no portfolio, a person with a certficate+ a portfolio will have the advante over a person with a portfolio with no certificate. A person with a "real" degree will have the advantage anyday , anytime.I encourage people to take this certificate. It will help you no matter what.
This is just how I think of it (ie not trying to knock on you)...Having a portfolio will give you a HUGE advantage over a person with no portfolio.Having a strong portfolio will give you a HUGE advantage over a person with a weak portfolio.Having a portfolio + certificate will NOT give you a HUGE advantage over a person with a portfolio + no certificate. It comes down to the two resumes, work experiences, and portfolios.I don't think certificates are bad. In fact there are a lot of IT jobs that require you to have certificates IE A+,CompTIA, MSCE-certified to even be considered. I just think that with web development, you'd create a bigger advantage for yourself by spending the time/money towards things other than a certificate, like making a portfolio page (if you don't have one), creating some cool apps to be added to your portfolio, learning another development language, or even just participating in web development support forums like w3school's.I haven't and don't plan on taking the exam because I just don't think it would help me. I know what I know, and I know what I need to learn and/or work on.I agree with what justsomeguy said:
If you can't do that it doesn't matter how many certificates you have, if you can do that then you don't need a certificate.
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