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Hi, I'm not sure if this one completely falls into the javscript territory. The website I am working on has a database of products. As of right now, settings can be changed so that a user can view a certain number of products per page (there is no limit). However, I want a "view all" option at the bottom of the page next to the page numbers (for instance, "Page 1, 2, 3, 4, 5... View All" ). Any suggestions on how I can start doing this? Any help is very much appreciated. Thanks. :) tyv

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If you don't even know if this is javascript then you must not be the one who's developed the application, so I don't know if you'll understand how to work this.This is in the field of PHP.You make a link to the page with a variable in it.<a href="?v=all">View all</a>and for PHP you do this:<?phpif($_GET['v'] == "all") {// Extract all the information from the database}?>

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