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Counting All Record Instances * quantity

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Look at this page Example.Now look at the part:

Card instances 1 to 10 of 1853 (total quantity not included)

You see the number 1853? That is not the total amount of cards I have in database. The total amout is around 3000. Now the database counts only how many times some card with the specific name appears in database but it doesn't count how much in quantity I have of each card that appears. The quantity number is represented with the "#" symbol. Now do I add the quantity for each specific card?

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What is the structure of the table that holds the cards? By structure I mean the names and data types of all of the fields in the table.
tblCardsintCardID (P.K. - Long Integer - Autonumber) txtCardName (Text 255)intQuantity (Long Integer)bitFoil (Yes/No)dblPrice (Double)memComment (Memo)intEditionID (Long Integer - Duplicates OK)intColorID (Long Integer - Duplicates OK)intConditionID (Long Integer - Duplicates OK)
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