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According to their site

Dot TK is a joint venture of the Government of Tokelau, a country in the South Pacific, the countries communication company Teletok and BV Dot TK, a privately held company. The Government of Tokelau has appointed BV Dot TK as the exclusive registration entity. BV Dot TK is doing business as the Dot TK Registry.
So basically they work with the country that owns the .tk domain.
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how do you make a new domain like that? its cool.
You don't (can't). When the domain name system was invented all countries got a unique domain name. Tuvalu got .tk. However, since Tuvalu isn't a popular place to host internet sites that name has been sitting around, so the government of Tuvalu decided to make it available for a service such as Dot TK provides.
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Well they made .tel and .asia recently (2007)... but you'd need some significant backing and sponsorship before they'd let your application be considered. ICANN (not the W3C) controls TLDs (top level domain names) so Tim Berners-Lee doesn't really have final say in them.

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