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Displaying $_GET integers values

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Hi,Have been trying to send a variable using a form, through the $_GET method. The variable is passed through, but does not display. Below is a copy of the code...

<html><head><title>forms</title></head><body><?php $int1 = $_GET['int1']; $int2 = $_GET['int2']; $c = $_GET['calc']; if(isset($_GET['submitted'])){ function arith($int1, $int2, $c) { if ($c == 1) { $ans = $int1 + $int2; } elseif($c == 2) { $ans = $int1 - $int2; } else{ $c == 3; $ans = $int1 * $int2; } return $ans; }arith($int1, $int2, $c);echo $ans ;} $calc = array( 1=> '+', 2=> '-', 3=> 'x' );?><form method="get" action="get_post.php" ><input type="text" name="int1" size="25" /> <?php echo'<select name="calc" >';foreach($calc as $key => $value){ echo '<option value="'. $key . '">' . $value . '</option>'; }echo'</select>';?><input type="text" name="int2" size="25" value="" /> <input type="submit" name="submitted" value="send" /></form></body></html>
Am I missing a function here? Any help, is very much appreciated :)
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$ans = arith($int1, $int2, $c);You didn't save the return value. Or..echo arith($int1, $int2, $c);
A big thank you amigo :) I cannot understand why I cannot do the small things in PHP. The other day I wasted half a day trying to figue out why the page would not display after hitting the submit button. I eventually realised my Apache server was offline :)
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