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Help With XML Coding!


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Hi guys not sure whether this is in the right forum or not but here goes,Ok so im completely new to XML and ill admit i look at it and think to myself what the ....! Now ive created a database for a small RPG im helping develop and ive been asked to undertake this task using XML and DTD.Well anyway onto the problem ok so in my RPG the characters are refered to as avatars and when two avatars meet i want them to send a message to each other which will be displayed XML. I want this message to show certain fields from a table already created eg Name, Creation Date, Money, etc etc along with a small greeting message "hi friend" or whatever.Now ive got to design a DTD that describes the above message and then go on to create an XML instance document based on that.Now the instance document is not a problem i can simply use the DTD to create that but the DTD is where im drawing a blank.Ive read through the DTD tutorial on the site and am still none the wiser as to how i would create one based on my problem above.Can anyone give me any tips and tricks to creating DTD's!Cheers in advance guys!

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