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iframe problems

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ok i've made an iframe and when i click into it i want the bg to be semi-transparent w/ the new pages bg transparent so it will show thru to the bg. and no matter what i try it doesnt work. so it gets really confusing. also whats the difference between frames and iframes.basically, i want to know how to make a bg of an iframe semi-transparent while the new pages bg is transparent. and also how to create the bg of one cell of a table into semi-transparent. its urgent so plz help.

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Framesets and Iframe has almost the same features, but framesets makes havok in search engiens and loads slower cause there are a page to load in each frame.Iframes cant be viewed in older browsers.so if you want a frame use iframe even if not all browsers can see it.and when you use iframe add this code


that will make the iframe 100% transparant.but for semi transparant


I never used it my self. so i cant tell the result

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