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White flash in front of animation..

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Hi.I've made a fade-from-black splashanimation for a webside. The annoying part is that the splashwindow makes this white flash before the movie starts to play. The background in both the htmlfile and on the flash-stage is selected as black, so I don't understand why it makes this white flash... Any ideas about how to walk around this?http://www.evyandersen.com/(you might have to refresh)

<body bgcolor="black" style="padding-top: 20px;"><center>    <object width="770" height="700">        <param name="movie" value="splash.swf" />            <embed src="splash.swf" width="770" height="700"></embed>    </object>    </center>


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Add this parameter to the object tag:<param name="wmode" value="transparent">And add a wmode="transparent" attribute to the embed tag.
Thank you so much!I have seen you around this forum for a long time, and you always come with solutions, making a lot of peoples lives easier. That sure is fantastic!Thanks again! :-)
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