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Keeping the overflow contained

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Take a look at my test page on a site I'm working on:http://www.newharvestchristians.org/test/index.htmlAs you can see, the floated red "photocontent" div extends below the main image, as its height is defined to be that long. Now, if you take a look at that main image, you'll see that it's split into 3 images in 3 divs. What I'm trying to do is have it such that, as the height of the "photocontent" div extends, the middle image's div would extend with it, causing it to repeat its image background. This would allow the top of the image to remain at the top, the bottom to remain at the bottom, and the whole thing to still encompass the red div.I've been trying for a bit to get this to work, but nothing seems to be doing the trick. I thought that maybe, as per a very similar question I asked here a while back, a <br> tag with a style of clear: both placed in the middle and/or bottom main image div(s) would have the desired effect, but it doesn't (at least for me).Any ideas?Regards,David P. Donahueddonahue@ccs.neu.eduhttp://www.cyber0ne.com

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I'm not sure if I understand your question. Do you want the photocontent to "push" the bottom part of the background image (which is Jesus Christ) as it extends downwards? Is it?

The three images that compose that Jesus image are:/images/hill_top.jpg/images/hill_middle.jpg/images/hill_bottom.jpgThe first and last need to remain at the top and bottom of the page. The middle one is a cross section solely in the black portion of the image, and can repeat indefinitely between the top and bottom if necessary.What I'm looking to do is have it so that the div which contains the middle one will stretch so that its bottom border is always right below the bottom border of the floated red div. That way the background (Jesus) image always fully encompasses the content of the page.Regards,David P. Donahueddonahue@ccs.neu.eduhttp://www.cyber0ne.com
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