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Hi, I wanted to know how I could use 3 background images for the same area, I want to make a nice gradient bordered and a gradient filled rectangle as the container or my content, the top image is only small in height and is the total width, I thought to place this at "Top" then there is a 1 px bg image for basically the whole page ad then the bottom part is a green faded into black kind of image, but I need that to only appear at the bottom, I can't use 3 background-images for the same div so how can I get round my problem, the main thing is that the bottom image with the green faded into black is quite deep, but I want my content to be able to flow over it as if it was part of the container.I fear I am not explaining clearly, please if you don't understand ask just say soPlease see here: http://www.streamgratuit.com/v2/background.html

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