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How to get different colour?


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Usually, while iterating through database entries that I'm putting in the table I calculate the modulus of 2 of the iterating variable, which can only return 0 or 1. Then I can select a color for if it's 0 and another when it's 1:Supposing your page is in PHP

<table><?php$n=0;while($row = mysql_fetch_array($query)) {  if($n%2 == 0) {	$class = "row1";  } else {	$class = "row2";  }  echo "<tr><td class=\"{$class}\">{$row['name']}</td><td class=\"{$class}\">{$row['age']}</td></tr>";  $n++;}?></table>

Then add this to your stylesheet:

.row1 { background-color: blue; }.row2 { background-color: yellow; }

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Hi, this worked for me, thanks alot,. Even though I am not using php, I understood the logic, and fortunately it worked.However, I have another problem, if someone could help me, I would be most thankful :-)I get my fields like this:this.gridView.Columns.Add(GetColumn("Mobil nr, arbeid", null, "Mobil", true, true));From this code I will get "Mobil nr" displayed as the text of the field.Is there a way to specify the size (width) of this field only?Regards

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