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Well, I've decided I'll save up my money to buy books to learn everything I can about the following topics:Advanced XHTML and CSS Techniques - I know enough about both to build a pretty page, but nothing real in-depth.JavaScript - Once again, I know some. I've built tools that can add fields to forms (the number is selected by the user via prompt box) and show/hide functions. I have AJAX running a chatroom, but most of it was built for me...AJAX - See above... I know almost nothing...PHP - I've been using PHP for a while. I've built log in and sign up forms, messaging systems, news systems, voting systems, and that stuff. But most of what I know is just using PHP and MySQL to do things. I don't know much else, and I know there's a lot more.MySQL - I typically use the PHP mysql_insert whatever else here, which is all I really need to know. I just don't know what all is available at my disposal.Starting and Maintaining a Secure Server - I want to run my own server. I want it to be very secure, but not so much that it gives users a hard time. I basically want to be able to protect my server from attacks from people that know what they're doing. And make sure the people who don't know what they're don't accidentally do something.Also, I want to learn the most effective techniques for writing my code so that they load quickly and don't give the server a hard time.If anyone knows of any good books or resources, I would be very thankful if you can direct my towards them. I tried looking for sites and stuff, but I retain little. I learn much better if I'm given a problem and the resources to fix it, and then sit there and fiddle with the resources until either I make it worse or fix it. If I make it worse, then I ask for help :). But anyways, and help would be very appreciated.

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