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iframe in HTML page

Guest raviK

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Guest raviK

Hi,I am having a HTML page, in which I am having two iframes. As per my page structure, there are some links on the left panel, on clicking a link it opens relevent HTML page in the first iframe i.e iframe_a. Within this first iframe, I have again some links, on clicking a link it again opens a relevent page and which opens in second iframe i.e. iframe_b, this second iframe is inside of the first iframe. So I am having two iframes within a HTML page.Now the problem is that I have kept the scroll for first iFrame (iframe_a) to auto, so whenever content exceeds it enables vertical scrollbar. For second iframe (iframe_:) i have disabled the scrollbar as i want only a single scrollbar and that is of first iframe. And due to this I want that when content exceeds in second iframe (iframe_:) then the scrollbar of first iframe (iframe_a) should get enable, which is not happening right now.Please help me to short out this problem, its very critical for me. Many of thanks in advance.- Ravi

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