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What are the applets in JAVA?

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Applets can run on any OS that has the Java Virtual Machine installed. Your browser needs to be able to use the JVM to run embedded them however (most modern browsers do).

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Java applet is an applet delivered to the users in the form of Java bytecode. Java applets can run in a Web browser using a Java Virtual Machine a stand-alone tool for testing applets. Java applets were introduced in the first version of the Java language in 1995. Java applets are usually written in the Java programming language but they can also be written in other languages that compile to Java bytecode such as Jython.Applets are used to provide interactive features to web applications that cannot be provided by HTML. Since Java's bytecode is platform independent, Java applets can be executed by browsers for many platforms, including Windows, Unix, Mac OS and Linux. Java applets are available all over the Net. I like Java Boutique best. There are hundreds of Java applets to browse and all are grab-able.

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