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Table Problem

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ok, so i know that tables should be basic and something anyone can really do, but where i am just learning, im running into some problems.

<table border="0" align="center" id="table2">	<tr>  <th rowspan="2"> 	 <img src="gclef.jpg" height="35" width="155">  <td> 	 <a href="news.html"><img src="news.jpg" height="35" width="150" alt="news"></a></td>  <td> 	 <a href="media.html"><img src="media.jpg" height="35" width="150" alt="media"></a></td>  <td> 	 <a href="bands.html"><img src="bands.jpg" height="35" width="150" alt="bands"></a></td>  <td> 	 <a href="faq.html"><img src="faq.jpg" height="35" width="150" alt="F.A.Q."></a></td>  <th rowspan="2"> 	 <img src="gclef.jpg" height="35" width="155"></td></tr>	<tr>  <td> 	 <a href="rates.html"><img src="rates.jpg" height="35" width="236" alt="rates"></a></td>  <td> 	 <img src="hitonhead.jpg" height="35" width="125"></td>  <td> 	 <a href="contact.html"><img src="contact.jpg" height="35" width="267" alt="Contact"></a></td>	</tr></table>

my problem is that there is random spaces inbetween the news and media images....the bands and F.A.Q. images....and the hit on head and contact images..and the contact and original musicnote2 images...if anyone could help me figure out what im doin wrong, id really appreciate itthanks!

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if you want to control the space in between your images you sould be carefull of the margin and cellspacing

<table border="0" align="center" id="table2" cellspacing="*px" margin="*px"></table>

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