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Uploading Form, what do I need?

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It didn't change much, besides the delay between scans. But just to make sure I put it in write, here's the scan loop:

    for($i = 1; $i <= $numoffiles; $i++) {        if($_FILES['userfile' . $i]['type'] == 'image/jpeg' ||           $_FILES['userfile' . $i]['type'] == 'image/gif' ||           $_FILES['userfile' . $i]['type'] == 'image/png') {            $file = array('tmpname' => $_FILES['userfile' . $i]['tmp_name'], 'name' => $_FILES['userfile' . $i]['name']);            $file['scan'] = `C:\\Progra~1\\AVG\\AVG8\\avgscanx.exe /heur /arc /scan="C:\\wamp\\tmp\\{$_FILES['userfile' . $i]['tmp_name']}" /trash`;            $file_list[] = $file;        } else {            $results .= mysql_real_escape_string($_FILES['userfile' . $i]['name']) . ' is not a JPEG, GIF, or PNG image.';        }        $string = 'Scan' . $i . '\n';        fwrite($scanlog, $string);        sleep(1);    }

I put it in the right place, right? Do I need to make it sleep longer?

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Well, that didn't work. I know it's completing the second scan, because AVG's scan log says so. That is what's confusing me the most. So somewhere between finishing the scan and loading the next line of code, it decides to hate me >_<. There's got to be something going wrong in there, but I'm not sure why it'd finish the first one fine and the second one not.

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