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about creating a embedded child dataGrid in a same datagrid

Guest simonyong

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Guest simonyong

halo, everyone.im newbie to asp.net,sori for such stupid question ya..im now doin a task as below:tat task is related to view all data from "employee detail" table i had create a datagrid where called data from database and successfully display in a datagrid..each employee will hav a own personnel_number and direct_manager_personnel_number which refer to who is his/her direct boss...eg. boss hav personnel_number =1 and direct_manager_personnel_number is null because he is boss and nobody ll be refer to.. CEO hav personnel_number= 2 and direct_manager_personnel_number=1 means that CEO has to report to bossIT manager hav personnel_number = 44 and he will hav many employees (direct_manager_personnel_number = 44) under him..my task is to view in a embedded child datagrid where who are the persons should refer/direct to him when user click / activate tat row of tat personi found a website similiar with my task ( http://www.codeproject.com/KB/webforms/HierDataGrid.aspx)but dunno how to modify it..vy thanks to ppl who giv me a hand...thanks..........

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