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Access Restrictions

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Firstly I would like to apologize if this is posted in an incorrect location. If so, an administrator or moderator is free to move it to where it needs to be. My question involves access restrictions. I would like to set up some web functions, including several pages and a forum that can be seen from inside a school district, but cannot be accessed from outside the school district. The school district runs on a proxy. Also, our website is hosted through a company outside of the school district, but we do have additional server space internally. I'm not even sure if this is possible. Thanks for any help, feedback, or other information you can provide.

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Ideally, IT would set up a firewall so that some things were simply invisible outside the district. But I'm guessing you can't do that.If you're going to be running things like forums, you're going to be using ASP or server-side scripts written in something like PHP. In each case, when a script is requested (the client enters a url, clicks on a link, etc, and the server gets that message) the script can determine very easily what the IP number is for the client. So the script itself can issue a polite refusal to any requests coming from the wrong domain.htaccess can also be used to block an entire directory from wrong domains. Not all hosts allow you to set htaccess conditions, but if yours does, this would be the easiest, as it could be applied to many scripts and files, not just one at a time.javascript could be used in a similar fashion, but any knowledgeable hacker could get around it, so javascript would not be a good approach.

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