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a:link{text-decoration:none; color: #000000}a:visited{text-decoration:line-through; color:#000000}a:hover{text-decoration:none; background:#cccccc; color#000000}a:active{text-decoration:line-through; background:#cccccc; color:#000000}This is my CSS for the links in my website. There will appear a grey background on mouseover and a strikethrough when the links is clicked and has been clicked. Unfortunately this strikethrough effect remains forever. Even when the visitor shut down his/her browser and visties my website again. How is this possible and can there be something done about this? I really appreciate your help.

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The :visted means that the user has visit that link since the last time the browser flushed it's cache.If you do not want the strike through to stay then you should not put it on the :visited...you are defeatring hte purpose of the :visited by not wanting the styles to stay.Put the stike through on :hover or somewhere else.

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