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I want to make a game

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This is using the software development life cycle, like you learn in IT class :)Before startingLearn a server-side language like PHP. Things that would be useful to understand are how PHP interfaces with databases, how you can use PHP to process forms, HTTP transfer methods (i.e. GET And POST) and of course basic things like control structures and data types.AnalysisFind out what people would expect from such a game, what they would like, etc. Also look at existing games and see what they do.DesignThen, you need to plan out your game. Write down what you want it to be like and how different things will work. Start wimple then get more detailed, and try to get everything you can think of on paper (or text document) before you proceed, or else you will be changing things lots of times later.Pre-development (err)After that, you should create a plan of how you are going to proceed. Use tools such as site maps to figure out how the actual web application will work, and Gantt charts to plan your project.DevelopStart coding! And design your graphics, I suppose.TestWhen you are done, test everything. Ask your friends to help you as well. Fix any bugs.Implementget more people to sign up. Buy hosting, advertising (if necessary), and see whether it all works. Hopefully it does.MaintenanceObviously. Learning how to manage a server (if you get dedicated hosting) would also be useful at this point.

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1) Its not simple2) Synook gave a pretty good "flow" that should be taken3) If you are doing it just to do it, stop now4) this isnt a get rich quick scheme....5) If you don't know php security very well, the game is doomed.I know this is a negative response, and I usually don't do those. But making a web game is a huge undertaking and isnt a "summer" project or a side hobby. The development phase of writing everything out should take you a VERY long time, arguably more time than the coding aspect. Why? Because by the time you get to coding, you already have the entire flow of the game charted out... Don't write a single bit of code until you have all the "systems" planned out in extreme detail.I've been writing 4 game design documents for 7 years now. I've finished 1 over the time, and the other 3 I've done in 4 week cycles. It has worked out well for me, as by working on 3 games of 2 genres, it has enabled me to rethink certain aspects of gameplay when looking between the games.I'd be leary of any game design document that didnt take at least 6 months. Mine has been part time for 7 years. I started strong but the more you write, the harder it gets. It's easy to say you'll have "spells", but when it gets time to come up with calculations that work for the chance of casting it, the chance it hits the person, the amount of damage it initially has, the amount the target mitigates, and the final amount delivered(plus a check to see if the person dies) will take you many many MANY rewrites to figure out. Each calculation probably takes into the equation the initial characters stats and skills, plus the spell itself, and even the environment.If you want to do a simple game, I'd still dedicate a good month(even a low quality flash game) to designing every principle you can think of. It will make the coding so SO much easier when you have it all planned out.Also, if you are making a web RPG, I'd recommend trying it pen and paper style with a couple friends/coworkers to test all the features.Best of luck if you decide to go through with it. My 1 completed design document is only 117 pages(word doc) and i've never bothered to code anything from it. A buddy of mine has one over 300 pages and has been testing it P&P for about 2 years now, doing minor tweaks the last 6 months. Even his(which is a huge game) isn't complete enough for us to code. Then again, we are amatuer and take our prize design documents seriously, so perhaps a 1 week design doc will work for you.. I just am against it.

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