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Accessing the W3Schools example webservice using TELNET

Guest toploser

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Guest toploser

Great site here btw.I have an product that contains an embedded processor running DOS. It has a TCP/IP stack and is successfully communicating with a Windows XP based host. The software on the host is about to be upgraded and the information I require from that host will now be made accessible to me via a webservice...That webservice isn't yet written so I thought I'd do some preparation in advance and try interfacing my system to the W3schools example webservice - the celsius to fahrenheit one:example webserviceNot having much (any!) experience with this kind of thing I read the SOAP and webservice tutorials and decided to use TELNET to get a connection to the webservice and then throw a SOAP request at it and see what came back.My first question is - "Can I do that?!"My first stumbling block is not being able to open a socket connection to the URL of the webservice. What URL should I be using? I'm assuming port 80 is good.Any help much appreciatedIan

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