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Proper Response.Redirect with Variables Formatting


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Ok, I am horrible at VB scripting and I never get the darn & and () and " in the right places. Heres what I have:<%DIM TW, ZC, CTTW = Request.Querystring("TW" & Recordset1.Fields.Item("product_id").Value)ZC = Request.Querystring("zipcode" & Recordset1.Fields.Item("product_id").Value)CT = Request.Querystring("VARstockquantity" & Recordset1.Fields.Item("product_id").Value)Response.redirect ("http://www.rlcarriers.com/b2brateparam.asp?id=5089472225&origin=(Recordset1.Fields.Item("&originzip&").Value)&dest=("&ZC&")&class1=55&weight1=("&TW&")&custdata=CT|(Recordset1.Fields.Item("&product_id&").Value)&respickup=&resdel=X&insidechrg=&furnchrg=&cod=0")%>I know the response.direct is improperly coded but I can't find any good sites to tell me how to do it. I could use some expertise and maybe even a link to a good "run down"Thanks!Sirena

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