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which design

Which design?  

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  1. 1. which design do you prefer?

    • Design 1
    • Design 2

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I prefer #2... It looks smoother, i.e. from left to right there aren't such dramatic changes to the background, so it's harder to discern the edges of the page and the content feels less cramped. I also think it would be easier to find a good text color for #2 because the background is consistent. The white on orange works for me, but I have 20/20 vision.

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I like the first design. I find it more eye catching and memorable than the other.

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I like the second one better. Less harsh on the eyes, and better contrast, with a more consistent colour scheme (apart from the red stamp thingies). The menu doesn't quite fit in though.Web design for 24 pounds? :)

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I suppose you're building up a website dedicated to a web design company.In this case, the 2nd design looks much more professional, but to be honest, neither of them would convince me to hire you, and after having a second look, I have to agree with Kingy, and say it looks like a winter-related web site.

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