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Hey, I'm very, very new to JavaScript. I am working on designing a web site that I'm not putting on the Internet until it is at least close to finished. I want to be able to change the CSS code in the head to have various backgrounds and color schemes. I want this to be done in the form of a dropdown list. I know the code for that. What would be the simplest way to do this in JavaScript when clicking on a new option?Here is an example of what the dropdown menu will be like:

<form><select><input>Black Pinstripe</input><input>White Pinstripe</input><input>Cracked Leather</input></select></form>

Black Pinstripe will be black.css, White Pinstripe will be white.css, and Cracked Leather. Thanks in advance,Mark

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First you should have a <link> element in the head, with an id:

<link id="style" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="default.css">

Then you would simply have something like this example:

<select onchange="document.getElementById('style').href=this.value"><option value="default.css">Default template</option><option value="red.css">Red template</option><option value="blue.css">Blue template</option></select>

Notice the onchange attribute. This <select> element does not need to go between <form> tags because it's not being submit to anywhere, it's being processed right on the page.

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