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Is SOAP mandatory in WSDL?

Guest daniel.gorodowienko.lptit

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Not as far as I know... any other XML format wouldn't be a standard. And unless it's a predefined and an agreed upon vocablulary (i.e. a standard), there wouldn't be a way for an application to understand what each binding in WSDL refers to in the *insertSOAPalternativeHere* message.There's no such thing as "pure" XML. XML is just the basis for defining other markup languages. A markup language can be formal and agreed upon (SOAP, WSDL, XSLT, XHTML, etc.) or not (like... anything you'd use for your own purposes... pretty much what you're reffering to as "pure"). Some languages (like XSLT and XML Schema) are designed for use with all XML vocablularies, and others (like WSDL and SPARQL) are designed to be used only on specific XML formats (and/or non-XML formats in the case of SPARQL).

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