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Hello,I am new to the forums. I have started a new project. http://www.linkdirectoryworld.comI am not looking for any signups by posting here, but feel free if you want.I think I am going to start off with 0 links, and let users build the directory. Most directories establish the directories. If I let users choose their niche, then I think they will get more relevant traffic.Why paid and not free. Many link directories are free. They are also filled with SPAM links. http://www.linkdirectoryworld.com will be 100% human edited and every link will be checked for content. I started with a simple pay structure:Reciprocal - FreeLink Submit - $11 Year Featured Listing - $10I am still working on the PHP contact form as I am getting alot of errors. If you would like to contact me please do so at my email address: ldwwebmaster@gmail.comI really would like some of your feedback, I would greatly appreciate it.Thanks,Cylantshttp://www.linkdirectoryworld.com

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