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First of all... Great job to W3Schools... 6 months ago I didn't know what ASP.net was and now I'm fully time Microsoft Certified Web Developer (I know some of you are booing at that). You guys have been up and running for a while now... how about some more advanced articles... I have feeling everyone is thinking the same thing... AJAX... or Javascript that hits the server... It's the wave of the future... at least for right now its the biggest trend in the States... I know I'm dying to learn... but if you guys don't get something up soon... I'm gonna have to start *shudder* using google to learn....I think I'm gonna start a poll to see how many people think AJAX is the next article you guys should get up....

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. I'm gonna have to start *shudder* using google to learn....

why shudder? google is one of the greatest things that has happened for the net. its revolusionised (or however its spelt), the way the internet works.
Microsoft Certified in 6months huh?  How much did it cost?

and i bet it cost quite a bit too.there similiar things here in uk, and they cost an arm, a leg and maybe some other body parts as well as a smallish loan, perhaps a re-mortage..ok..maybe not that bad but you get the idea..
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