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Solution Single Sign On for 2 service

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Its possible, without a doubt. There are a couple of ways you can do this, it will primarily depend on your user requirements.Before I get into that, you need to understand that web services are stateless. That is to say that all they can do is pass information back and forth from one server to the next. Therefore, they have no way of retaining anything about each request being made. In other words, each request is a new user as far as it is concerned - unless each of your requests offer something - like a token you generated when the user logged in) - to identify the user.Options (in simple terms)a.) Gateway: The gateway method is pretty straight forward but has its limitations. Basically, this approach to single sign on is to force every link a user clicks to be pointed to a specific page on the other (destination) site. The link would be constructed such that it had information (a session ID of some wort) that would identify the other site of the identity of the person "coming over". The downside is that EVERY link on both sites that link to each be coded a certain way. If you already have a site in place, that would be a tedious job.b.) Seamless: this is trickier and takes more indepth understanding of your situation, but basically, you select a sever to be the "parent" where all others are "childeren". The parent would have web services that the children consume when they try to log in. Creditials are passed with each web service request, but the key is that when you log into either site, you are redierect to a page in the parent that sets you current session cookie. Your webs services, the use that token to get the information they nee.This is more complicated, but allows great flexibility. I'd prbably have to explain more, since I am falling asleep, but you should be able to get the picture.

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