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Problems with ado.net


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this cauld is make troubles.Private dbread Private con As OdbcConnection Private comm As OdbcCommand 'function for opening connection and geting query result Function initConnection(ByVal sql As String) ' make sure every thing is closed On Error Resume Next comm = Nothing con.Close() con = Nothing On Error GoTo 0 'open the connection Dim conn As New Connections con = New OdbcConnection(conn.get_dsn()) con.Open() 'execute th sql and assign value to dbread comm = New OdbcCommand(sql, con) dbread = comm.ExecuteReader() Return dbread End Function 'function to close a connection that opened in previos function Function closeConnection() 'after using connection by the initconnection() function the 'closeconnection is the 'function that deal with closeing connection and odbcommand Try comm = Nothing 'set the odbcommand as nothing con.Close() 'close the odbconnections con = Nothing 'set the odbconnection as Nothing Catch ex As Exception End Try End Function '********************************************************************************

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