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XML and Firefox

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I'm not sure which page you went from to get to that particular "try it" page.Here is a quote from a page here->http://www.w3schools.com/xml/xml_data_island.asp

With Internet Explorer, XML can be embedded into HTML pages in Data Islands.
The unofficial <xml> tag is used to embed XML data within HTML
You will also find some of the examples using javascript with xml use the IE only solution.<!-- The following comment should be ignored by all browsers that can't understand it!I personally thought I read somewhere that w3schools was for tutorials on things standardized by the W3C. I am constantly surprised to find so many examples favoring the NON-STANDAR IE way of doing things...-->OH WELL... the answer to your question as far as I know is that those things don't work in firefox because they don't exist in any specification other than Microsoft's ( just try to look through any of the html/xhtml specifications for an xml tag! ). It is NOT a problem with firefox!

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