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how to allow .swf or mp4 video play streaming without delay

Guest pcozzy

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I just ran out of ideas where I can find information of how to. I am running ubuntu 8.04 with apache,mysql, php. I designing html page to just make available movies and educational videos for my home network as a test. Here is my code to how I am linking.

	<h3><a href="MyVideo.mp4"	target="_blank">Myvideo.mp4</a></h3>

My problem is that the movie doesn't play until it is all downloaded. How do I get it to start playing right after it is clicked on and while it is downloading the full video? Similar to how a youtube video or any online video. You press play and it starts playing buffering the full video. I can't figure it out in html.I guess at least lead to me to what I need to learn so I can accomplish do this, like I don't know if php will help, I studied a little or basics of html, xml, and javascript.Thanks

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