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And I never reviewed the announcement, only previewed - I didn't realize it doesn't retain formatting (line breaks mainly) :)
I fixed that (hope it's okay with the current formatting, if not, make further adjustments). Apparently there's been a change in the forum software so that when you write announcements, whitespace is treated as whitespace, that is unless you tick these [x] Enable HTML? [x] Parse newlines (if HTML enabled)?You could also use the html <p> tag, but the forum css made the paragraphs into separate boxes with a light background and black border which I didn't care for that much really. Another alternative would be the <br> tag, but this way the text is readable even when you go back to edit the announcement, as the original spacing is still there. I know we've had some troubles with that in the past, so it's a welcome update from IPB. :)
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