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HI, I really need some help, please :) I need to know where do I find which are the recently, latest version for HTML, XHTML, CSS, XML. Where can I find a history of versions for all this?About the tutorials from yours site (HTML, XHTML......), are they in concordance with the latest version?Thank you, Diana

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Hello diana!www.W3Schools.com is fully updated with the latest official standards for HTML and XHTML.For a complete listing of earlier versions, you might want to visit W3.org, they develop web standards and guidelines.

Hi Kai Jim, Thank you so much :) I just visited W3.org...and I still have a question:on the W3. ORG I remarked that are mentioned XHTML 2.0 AND CSS3 and on W3.SCHOOL there's references for XHTML 1.0 and CSS2.0;So, official standards are XHTML 1.0 AND CSS 2.0, or......???????????????
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