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iframe - how to orient pictures properly?


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Hello!I'm using an I frame in website I'm putting together for a family member. I've never used on before and I got the code by searching around. It is working out great for what I'm trying to accomplish, except my pictures are lining up wrong. It seems to be adding a margin or something similar. What am I doing wrong? I've added the code and a link to a page where I'm using it below. The site is a work in progress as you'll see. Thanks in advance for any assistance!!http://wchranch.com/jules.html<tr class="two" valign="top"><td class="one" height="600" width="900" colspan="6"><iframe height="400" width="300" frameborder="1" name="main" scrolling="no" src="julesfront.jpg"></iframe><p align="center"><a href="julesfront.jpg" target="main"><img src="julesfrontthumb.jpg" border="0" alt="front view" height="125" width="100"></a><a href="julesback.jpg" target="main"><img src="julesbackthumb.jpg" border="0" alt="back view" height="125" width="100"></a><a href="julesleftside.jpg" target="main"><img src="julesleftsidethumb.jpg" border="0" alt="left side view" height="125" width="100"></a><a href="julesrightside.jpg" target="main"><img src="julesrightsidethumb.jpg" border="0" alt="right side view" height="125" width="100"></a></p></td></tr><tr>

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