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working with large data tables

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I have a problem. At work I'm working with some large data tables, about 1500px wide, and they can't really be cut in pieces. The problem I have is my website container is only 600px, which I cannot modify. So in firefox it's not that bad, it overflows outside of the div and everything is visible. In IE6, all the content area is wrapped below the left navigation. I'm kinda restricted to what I can do because of work standards. Let me know what solution you guys have.I thought of overflow: scroll; but that wouldn't be accepted here.

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Then something got to give. Either the 600px width of the site (too narrow) or the 1500px data tables (too wide).overflow: auto is your best bet. Otherwise, you will need to somehow write a script to break up the tables into two sections or parts.The final option is to create a web page (seperate from the main site's design) just specifically for the data tables and set it to the width you desire.

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