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How to i make it snow from top of the page??


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ehhh...i duno alot about this:S....but i need put the snow on my profile like friendster......howhow??

You can add it probably on the "Add-music-and-video..." text area. Paste the code there.I havent seen/tried the code. i dont know if it will work w/ friendster... but you can try it though...as of this posting friendster only allows codes and scripts to be inserted between the <body></body> tags... and not in the <head></head> the only thing that you can insert in the head area is your CSS. So basically scripts that need to be in the <head> area to function, will not work on friendster profiles. I dnt know yet if friendster allows (or will allow later!) javascripts to be added to your customized profile. Last time i checked, they wont even allow an iframe tag. but friendster is rapidly changing... you should check it from time to time. Or try emailing the admins there. They do "sometimes" reply.
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