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Running "include" On Windows Based


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I followed a tutorial to install apache, php, and mysql on my windows vista machine and got the succesful confirmation that apache and php were installed but was unable to run the include script for my nav menu that works on my webpage on my server. http://www.developertutorials.com/tutorial...3-05/page5.htmlthat is the tutorial I used to install everything (I have no complaints with undoing it all and going through a better tutorial if anyone has one).http://bw83.com/Military/fixed.phpThat is the online version of the page I was working on getting to work on my computer but with no luck. When running http://localhost/phpinfo.php that page one of the lines that show up is allow_url_include Off Off Its showing off/off for local and master value. Im not sure if that is the same thing as what im trying to do. Any help would be greatly appreciated I would love to be able to finish this page on my computer and then upload then have to build it all on my server.

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