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How do I add a cookie to this script?

Guest sharkbaitbobby

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Guest sharkbaitbobby

Ok, so today i got this code:

<html><head><title>skin</title><link id="foo" rel="StyleSheet" href="skin1.css" type="text/css"><script type="text/javascript"><!--function skinch() {  skinid=document.forms[0][0].options[document.forms[0][0].selectedIndex].value;  document.getElementById('foo').href=skinid; }//--></script></head><body onLoad="skinch()"><form action="#"><div><select  onclick="skinch()" class=select><option value="skin1.css" style="background-color:011340;color:beaded;">1</option><option value="skin2.css" style="background-color:008000;color:ffffff;">2</option><option value="skin3.css" style="background-color:e5ecf9;color:000000;">3</option></select><input type="button" value="»" onclick="skinch()" class="go"></div></form></body></html>

now how do I add a cookie that keeps it the same whenever the visitor changes it and goes to another page, and even if the visitor closes out of it?

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